Bridal Countdown

Here are some wedding planning tips to get you headed in the right direction on your way to walking down the aisle.

When Should the Wedding Preparation Start?

The wedding preparation should start when you find out you’re getting married. The more time you have to read the David’s Bridal website for wedding preparation tips and learn how to prepare for a wedding the better. More time means less stress as you get ready to get married.

Most Important Beauty Essentials?

Bridal beauty comes naturally, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a little help with beauty tips for pre bridal success. Drinking lots of water and making sure you keep to a good exercise schedule will keep you feeling fit and will keep your stress levels down.

Exercise and good nutrition also help you get a good night’s sleep, which means you will look well rested up to and on the day of your wedding. Well rested brides look younger and brighter – you’ll also feel more alert.

Avoiding Vendor Hassles?

When you make appointments and book your DJ, caterer, or pre wedding spa trip, make sure you call and double-check before the big day to make sure you’re on the schedule. You never want to show up and find out someone made a mistake and you can’t get what you need for your wedding. Communication will take only a few minutes and can save you huge hassles later on.

After you’ve chosen your color scheme, you need wedding invitations. People have to know in advance if you want them to save the date, buy a gift, and come prepared to your wedding.

From elegant to fun to adorable, there are as many wedding invitation options as there are weddings. Make sure the theme of your wedding shines through from the first contact with your guest by choosing an invitation that will let your guests know what kind of wedding you are having. If you’re planning on having a laid back beach-type wedding, don’t send invitations that are gilded and embossed. Your guests may mistake your wedding invitations as a hint to come in black tie when you want them casual.

Also, in the midst of your wedding day preparation you have probably decided how formal your guests should dress for the wedding. Make sure you let them know by putting that information on the invitation. You don’t want to have a black tie wedding and someone not get the information and show up in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

      One of the first things you choose for your wedding (other than the groom) is a color scheme you can use throughout the wedding. For those who brides to be who are having trouble deciding on wedding color schemes, here are some classic combinations as well as some popular themes you can use if you’re stumped.

Blue and Silver

In preparation for wedding choices like silverware and the wedding cake, blue and silver will make a winter wedding sparkle. From the icy blue of the bridesmaid dresses to the silver bows on all the favors, a blue and silver wedding will show off the bride as a princess in the middle of her very own fairy tale.

Maroon and Forest Green

A classic combination – preparing for wedding favors and flowers is easy as can be with such a timeless choice. You can mix and match the colors from the bridesmaid dresses to the place settings and everyone will feel your wedding is warm and inviting from start to finish.

Chocolate Brown and Cream

This is a hot current look for fall weddings. Instead of using all the fall colors, just use chocolate-brown and cream. Even though this look is hot for fall, it can be used year round for an elegant, crisp look. Preparation for a wedding includes chocolate dresses that may have cream-colored sashes, cream tablecloths with chocolate-brown napkins

Preparation Countdown:

One year before:

  • Address any skin problems you are experiencing. For minor skin issues, schedule an appointment with an experienced ethetician so she can start you on a series of facial treatments. For severe skin concerns, book an appointment with a dermatologist.
  • If you want long hair for your wedding, now is the time to start growing it out. Take your vitamins and eat healthy to get maximum growth.
  • Start a fitness routine. Jump starting your workouts now will leave you with plenty of time to lose those last few pounds or tone up before the wedding.
  • Start searching for The Dress
  • Collect pictures of your ideal makeup and hair styles.

Nine months before:

  • Get plenty of rest. Eight hours of sleep is a necessity now that you have begun to plan your wedding.
  • Narrow your makeup and hairstyle choices.
  • Order your wedding dress.
  • Pick out the bridesmaid gown

Six months before:

  • Hire your hairstylist. Do your research and confirm that he/she will be able to create your dream ‘do.
  • Hire a makeup artist. Before hiring your makeup artist, do a test run to confirm that she can create a style you are happy with.
  • Try to remain stress free with regular workouts, messages or girls nights.
  • Continue your facial treatments.

Three to four months before:

  • Start dieting. Nothing drastic, but begin to eliminate unnecessary sugar, carbs, etc. Start introducing healthy fruits and veggies into your diet.
  • Continue your fitness routine. It will pay off when you look fit and firm in your dress.
  • Determine what color you want your hair and stick with it. Drastically changing your color before the wedding could have an unfavorable outcome.

Two months before:

  • Schedule a practice session with your hairstylist. Bring your veil and pictures of your dress.
  • Begin regular deep conditioning treatments for your hair. This will ensure that your hair is in tip-top shape for the wedding day.
  • Find an ethetician who does great waxing. Schedule a waxing appointment for one to two weeks before the wedding.
  • Maintain regular manicure and pedicure.
  • Begin teeth whitening treatments or have your teeth professionally cleaned.

One month before:

  • Do a final fitting of your dress. Make sure to try the dress on with your shoes and veil.
  • Go through a final test run with both your hairstylist and makeup artist to assess if any changes need to be made.
  • Start experimenting with your tan. Try a few varieties of sunless tanners to determine what you like best. A popular choice is the spray tan.
  • Continue with all your bridal beauty routines.

Two weeks before:

  • Get your final color and haircut before the wedding. Remember, nothing drastic.
  • Pack a bridal emergency kit that includes all essentials for your wedding day.
  • Get your final facial treatment.
  • Pick up any hair, makeup or skin care products you will need on your wedding day, as well as the honeymoon.
One week before:
  • Wax your hair down there, as well as your legs, underarms, eyebrows and upper lip. Waxing these areas will make your honeymoon low maintenance when it comes to unwanted hair removal.
  • Catch up on your beauty rest. Sleep is a necessity for looking the part of a beautiful bride.
  • Eliminate sugar, carbs and carbonated beverages from your diet to banish any signs of bloating.
  • Relax by getting a massage or schedule some down time for yourself.

The day before:

  • Get your nails done. A French manicure is a classic look and becoming popular for the toes as well.
  • Shampoo and do a DIY deep conditioning treatment on your hair. Next day hair is easier to style, so today is the best day to get this done.
  • Drink lots of water today to maintain your great skin and to remain hydrated.

The wedding day:

  • Begin the morning of your wedding stress free with a tranquil bubble bath.
  • Eat breakfast. This is the number one thing that brides forget to do on their wedding day.
  • Enjoy being in the moment.
  • Get your makeup and hair done.
  • Get in your dress and get down that aisle girl!

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