Oh To Be Capable Of Time Travel…

Sometimes I feel as though I am an old soul (others a Gypsy which I may go into at a later time).
Now I don’t mean that in the New Age sense where I believe I’m reincarnated. I know and believe differently.
I mean it in the I should have been born in a different era I would have fit in better there.
My only problem is I can’t decide if I would rather have been a teen in the 50’s or 60’s.
I like the idea of the 50’s here’s why:

For many Americans,
the wars and the depression were a distant memory and the country was feeling good about itself. Most Americans trusted the government and believed in politicians. Society was experiencing growth, economically and socially, and new ideas of prosperity and success for families and the country as a whole were taking shape.

In the 1950’s, television,
was becoming more and more a part of everyday life, more families had televisions in their homes and AM radio was also becoming more popular, along with the advent of 45 records, jukeboxes, and eventually albums.

Music was expanding;
 the sound of rock and roll was creeping into the mainstream with the help of radio and television and teenagers were experiencing more independence and freedom than what their parents had as teenagers.

Life in the early 1950’s
was still very strict. Women were still obligated to the status of housewife and men were the main breadwinners in the family. Children, including teenagers, were to be seen and not heard but by the mid-1950’s, that was becoming more difficult because of newfound freedoms, rock and roll music, and other outlets teenagers had available to them.
(Now to some women today this would have been ‘degrading’ and all that fun feminism stuff, but this is my ideal life. I would love to be a stay at home mother cooking and cleaning all day. Making everything  cozy and nice for my family. But the 60’s was that transitioning stage where feminists were on the rise, so then you could choose what you wanted in life).

Changes in clothing styles,
 specifically for teens, started to appear. Guys started wearing their hair longer with sideburns and slicked back with grease. They also wore jeans and leather jackets (with the collar turned up to be “cool”) and the girls wore ponytails, poodle skirts, pedal pushers, and scarves (I’m in love).

Prior to the 1950’s,
 clothing worn by young people was very reserved and proper but to some extent that changed in the 50’s. For example, poodle skirts were popular with females for a couple of reasons.
The first is that the skirt allowed for easier dancing, being spun around letting the skirt twirled. The next reason is that the skirt was loose and free, a sign of freedom. Leather jackets, cut-off shirts, and slicked back hair allowed the boys to appear as “cool.”

Popular celebrities
were very influential, kids wanted to be just like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Ricky Nelson to name a few. One thing to note is that the popular size for women back in the 1950’s is much different from what it is today. Curves were popular; those with bigger bust and smaller waistlines like Marilyn Monroe were in style.
(I would have fit right in perfectly).

Popular television shows
were I Love Lucy, The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, and Superman to name a few. Sock hops, (dance hops), hula hoops, and cruising were very popular among young people and popular slang were words like squares, chicks, be bop, threads, keen, back seat bingo (kissing in the back seat), kill (impress), and cat (a cool person).

 Young people,
 were experiencing more freedom and independence they were, for the most part, still respectable to adults and they still were dignified and decent (something that is horribly lacking in our current times).

Children still obeyed parents.
Females were still expected to act a certain “ladylike” way and males were still expected to act like gentlemen. Sex was taboo, premarital sex was not accepted and if a girl found herself “in the family way” (a slang for pregnant) many times she was shipped off to live with relatives or admitted to some special school for girls.

Although, times were changing,
 major changes didn’t take place until the 1960’s, which saw a shift in morals, attitudes, family life, race relations, and overall feelings about the government. To many, this is why the 1950’s are seen as the best time, when families and morals were intact and times were much simpler and enjoyable.

Then there’s the 60’s which I could totally get into, love, peace. Here’s what I like:

This was the Decade of the Smiley Face found on anything and everything around the world including T Shirts , it’s popularity was at its peak in the mid to late 1960’s

This decade can also be summed up with a few well-chosen phrases which epitomize the decade ” The Space Race “, ” Cuban Missile Crisis” , ” Continuing Cold War”, “Kennedy Assassination”, ” Martin Luther King”, “Vietnam”, “Civil Rights and Riots”, “Hippies and Flower Power” , “The Beatles and Rock and Roll”

This was the start of the skateboarding era which was started by some surfing enthusiasts in California who were frustrated by the weather and put roller skates on the front and back-end of wooden planks


Early 60’s for women wore mini skirts and leather boots and men wore Paisley shirts and velvet trousers Later 60’s from 1966 started the introduction of Psychedelic clothes with bright colors for both men and women and the age of the Hippie is born. Men started to wear hair longer and women identified with the hippie look by wearing skirts and dresses longer often known as Maxies and anything and everything had color including the body.

Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Sixties
John Wayne
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Burton
Paul Newman
Elvis Presley
Julie Andrews
Doris Day
Roch Hudson

TV Shows 1960s (amazing!)

  • Perry Mason 1957 – 1966.
  • Route 66 1960 – 1964.
  • Rawhide 1959 – 1966.
  • The Monkees 1966 – 1968.
  • The Saint 1966 – 1969.
  • The Prisoner 1967 – 1968.
  • Ironside 1967 – 1975. .
  • Hogan’s Heroes 1965 – 1971.
  • Lassie 1954 – 1973.
  • Flipper 1964 – 1967.
  • The Benny Hill Show 1969 – 1989.
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969 – 1974.
  • Bonanza 1959 – 1973.
  • The Brady Bunch 1969 – 1974.
  • Peyton Place 1964 – 1969.
  • The Fugitive 1963 – 1967.
  • 77 Sunset Strip 1958 – 1964.
  • The Man From Uncle 1964 – 1968.
  • Doctor Who 1963 – 1989.
  • Gilligan’s Island 1964 – 1967.
  • Gunsmoke 1955 – 1975.
  • Columbo 1968 – 2003.
  • The Virginian 1962 – 1971.
  • Mr Ed 1961 – 1966.
  • The Twilight Zone ( Original Series ) 1959 – 1964.
  • I Dream of Jeannie 1965 – 1970.
  • Bewitched 1964 – 1972.
  • Steptoe and Son 1st Series 1962 – 1965. 2nd Series 1970 – 1974
  • Get Smart 1965 – 1970
  • Green Acres 1965 – 1971.

American Football 
Offensive formations evolve in both the college and pro ranks including the wishbone and the shotgun Formation
American Football League ALF Created and Later Merge With NFL
Super Bowls Born As A ( Championship Game Between NFL and AFL 1967 and 1968 ) Green Bay Packers Win Under Vince Lombardi

And of course you CANNOT forget The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival
often referred to simply as Woodstock, took place during the weekend of August 15-18, 1969. It was the symbolic culmination of a decade of social reform and questioning authority. On a dairy farm in Bethel, New York, over a half million people showed up to enjoy the most popular musical performers of the era, including Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix, among many others. This also came to be known as the“Summer of Peace and Love” as many of the attendees were“hippies,” or people who promoted the idea of sexual liberation and love for your fellow-man. Even with that many people in one area, only three people died that weekend and they were all results of accidents.

There’s why it’s hard to choose when I would have rather lived. To have been a teen/young adult in the 60’s and an adult in the 50’s.
If time travel were only possible.

Yes, these are the things I think about and ponder while sitting with nothing to do  in a little shop on the Spit in Homer Alaska.
And so I share it with you, whomever decides to read the random ramblings of a unique personality.  I hope someone out there enjoyed it.

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