To find solitude,
Even when alone,
Not a difficult task you say?
Not so when others energize you,
Bringing life and energy.
Making everything around you better.
Learning how to enjoy being by yourself,
All alone.
With nobody around.
This is a difficult task.
Finding solitude.
In something.
Isn’t always easy.
Until you find one thing.
Your something.
For me it’s my writing.
If I didn’t have it my book, journal, blog would be empty.
And boring.

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Simple and easy to read – I like it.
    I can relate to this, as when we are alone, our spirit speaks to us, not in words but in thoughts. That releases a torrent of words…our task as poets, is to pick the gems and discard the offal – I reckon. You’ve collected some gems here.

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