For Poise,

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. ~ Audrey Hepburn 

I personally believe that good poise comes from the confidence you have in yourself it also helps to have a dash of self-esteem thrown in there as well.
People are attracted to those with self-esteem and confidence (something I’m learning more and more).
Now coming from a celebrity I’m sure it was rare to have time to yourself, let alone go places alone (which is great for some people). One thing is for sure, and certain, Audrey was a very well poised woman.
But really if you are a confident, poised person (famous or not) it doesn’t make a difference whether or not your walking alone or in a group. Because when your truly confident in yourself it really wont matter if you’re in someones spotlight or not, all that matters is that you feel good about who you are. Not needing the praise of others. When you’ve reached that point (whether you have amazing posture or not), you carry yourself with dignity and pride which in time turns into poise.

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